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September the Eleventh 2001.

The World Trade Center.

The World Trade Center Fires (Not So Hot eh?).
Many High Quality Videos of 9/11 & more.
Javascript Movies of WTC Building Demolitions and Here.
Premature Detonations of Explosives Caught on Video.
The World Trade Center, from Godfrey's Multi-Storey Buildings in Steel.
How do Buildings (not subject to demolition) Fall?
More Evidence of Explosives in the WTC Tower Collapses. (0.4 MB)
The FEMA Report into the WTC 7 Collapse. Its Authors Deliberately Lied!!
A Review of the Nova Article: Why Did the WTC Towers Fall? (0.6 MB)
The National Institute for Standards and Technology Lies to You.
A Review of the Article: Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers. (0.5 MB)
Some Articles about the WTC from Engineering News Record. (0.4 MB)
The Jet Fuel; How hot did it heat the World Trade Center?
A Simple Proof that the Twin Towers were Deliberately Demolished.
Comments on the World Trade Center Demolition. (0.3 MB)
Tapes Tell of Firefighters Courage at World Trade Center.
UC Berkeley Professor, A. Astaneh-Asl Testifies.
Sixty State Street and the WTC towers: A Comparison.
The WTC Six Explosion Myth (Misinformation from the False Opposition).
Microsoft simulates the crash of a Boeing 747 into the WTC.
Was Thermite used to Melt Sections of the WTC Core Columns.
The "Pools of Molten Steel" Theory is False.
What went wrong with the investigation? By Eric Hufschmid (with comment).
The WTC Demolitions. An Absolutely Enormous Insurance Scam!!
How much explosive was needed to bring down the Towers?
WTC Construction Manager: "Towers would survive multiple jet-liner impacts."
Yet More Evidence of Explosives. Nitrogen Dioxide.
Why was the South Tower demolished first?
In a Perfect World.

The Government FEMA Reports on the World Trade Center (with comment).

Table Of Contents for the FEMA World Trade Center Report.
Chapter 1: Introduction (with comment). (0.3 MB)
Chapter 2: The Twin Towers (with comment). (1.0 MB)
Chapter 3: WTC 3. The Marriott Hotel.
Chapter 4: WTC 4, 5, and 6. (0.4 MB)
Chapter 5: WTC Seven (with comment). (0.7 MB)
Chapter 6: Bankers Trust Building. (0.3 MB)
Chapter 7: Peripheral Buildings.
Appendix A: Overview of Fire Protection in Buildings. (0.3 MB)
Appendix B: Structural Steel and Steel Connections. (0.4 MB)
Appendix D: WTC Steel Data Collection. (0.4 MB)
The FEMA World Trade Center Collection in PDF-document format.

The Fires.

The World Trade Center Fires (also listed above).
So What Happens When WTC Type Trusses Are Heated?
The Cardington Tests and the Broadgate Fire.
Research Results from the Cardington Test Fires (text only).
Multi-Storey Steel Framed Buildings Fire and Steel Construction. (0.5 MB)
Multi-storey Steel Framed Structures in Compartment Fires. (0.7 MB)
The Cardington Reports from The University of Edinburgh.

The Pentagon.

So what exactly did hit the Pentagon?
Media releases faked photographs of 9/11 Pentagon crash.
Why were no cars blown off the freeway by the jets exhaust blast?
So What Really Happened to the "Hijacked" Flights of 9/11?
The 9/11 "Missile Hits the Pentagon" Hoax.
The Super-Lucky Pentagon Retrofit.
The Pentagon Problem in a Nutshell.
The Essence of the Problem.
The Penta-Lawn 2000 Hoax.
Article on the Pentagon Retrofit.
The Bijlmer Crash - Joe Vialls - Caught in a Lie.
Carol A. Valentine Article Completely Wrong.
The Strange Case of the Sports Utility Vehicle at the Pentagon.

The Response, Or Rather, Lack Of It.

District of Columbia Air National Guard Mission And Vision Statement.
New Jersey Air National Guard Mission Statement.
An example of Air National Guard efficency.
Where was NORAD on September Eleven?


The Most Outrageous Conspiracy Theory Of Them All.
Evidence that the Arabs are Not to blame for the WTC attack.
Collection of Eric Hufschmid's early articles on 9/11.
Osama bin Laden denies any part in 9/11.
Israelis arrested on suspicion of 9/11 involvement.
Many 9/11 "Hijackers" are Alive and Well.
The Video - 911 In Plane Site - A Totally Bogus Production.
The pre-2004-Election Bin Laden Video is an Obvious Fake.
Seismic Waves from Aircraft Impacts and Building Collapses at the WTC.
Seismic Observations During the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attack.
Urgent message to Ellen Mariani. Get a new lawyer. Fire Philip Berg.
Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions By MalcontentX.
The Cellphone Calls on 9/11 were Impossible.
Was the third plane meant to "collapse" WTC Seven?
Freedman Predicted the American attack on the Middle East in 1961.
Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse? by Morgan Reynolds.
Stranger Than Fiction from
Sixty State Street: A Case Study.

Palestine (Also Known As Israel).

Some Facts About Palestine.
Listing and Map of Land Ownership in Palestine in 1947.
The Psychopathic Israelis Strategy for Conquest of the Middle East.
Towns and Villages Ethnically Cleansed/Destroyed by the Jews.
More on the Towns and Villages Ethnically Cleansed/Destroyed by the Jews.
Time-line of the Jewish aggression in the 1948 war.
Jewish/Israeli massacres of Palestinians and Jewish Terrorism in general.
Brief articles on the 1948, 1956 and 1967 wars started by Israel.
The (eventually successful) Israeli attempt to ignite a civil war in Lebanon.
Arafat calls for democratic elections in the United States.
The Amazing Cost of Israel to the United States.
America should fight minorities and aliens the way Israel does!
The Day Israel Deliberately Killed 34 American Sailors.
Brief article on Israeli apartheid.
Israel wins Huge Victory.
Is Israel a Democracy?
Some Israeli War Criminals (their Prime Ministers).
Some articles on the War Criminal Sharon.
The War Criminal Sharon. The Long Version.
The Chinese claim California as a Confucian Homeland.
Time to Bomb Israel for its Development and Deployment of WMD.
God gave the Jews New York.
The Genocidal God of the Jews.
Some Zionist/Jewish Fairy Tales.
Israel mugs the Palestinians.
Muslims base their claim to Palestine on History.
Jewish Terrorism.
Jewish Terrorism targeting the British.
Online Books about Palestine and the Jews.
What you can do if you care.
Jews Attack Christianity.
Jew Suicide "Bomber" Hits Bus.
Jews force Palestinians on Death March.
Jews create the World's Largest Concentration Camps.
United Nations Resolutions against Israel.


God's Chosen People, the Arabs.
A series of articles on the Albert Einstein Myth.
The Thirteenth Tribe (Jews are descendants of the Turkic Khazars).
Test Your Knowledge of the History of the Theory of Relativity.
Watch Americans use, Weapons of Mass Destruction, on Iraqis.
Israel Fakes a Provocation for WAR (the "kidnapping" of Cpl Gilad Shalit).
Americans Bomb London. Glaring Flaw in Suicide Bombs Tale.
Why develop the Space Shuttle when the Saturn 5 is so much better?
Why develop the Delta rockets when the Saturn 5 is so much better?
Why are there no stars in the Apollo moon-landing photos?
From the Nile to the Euphrates. Biblical Prophecy Fulfilled.
Are the End-Times Near? Biblical Prophecy and the End-Times.
Who Started the 2006 War against Lebanon.
The War on Iraq - Conceived In Israel.

Other Interesting Stuff.

Death Certificates issued at Auschwitz.
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z (mirror)
So, why do people believe in the holocaust, anyway?
A Quick Proof that the Holocaust Story is a Lie.
The Jews Declare War on Germany (in 1933).


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